Alexandria is failing you – the silent majority of tax-paying residents. No one asks on your behalf the tough questions that should form divergent interests into coherent strategy. But you are the city. Your voice is binding, broad, and accurate. Our leadership is disorganized, unfocused, and shortsighted. Let’s remind them again on behalf of whom they truly work.

With me as your representative on council, I will call every major process to account for its cost, long-term effects, and risks before public scrutiny. And yes, I mean every major decision. You are entitled to this.

Leadership in Alexandria needs a stronger connection to protecting our long-term future. I will create something on council that no other candidate can: a counterbalance of our present wants with consideration of our future needs. The stakes are high, and if we do not readdress priorities now, we could see an irreversible decline in physical and emotional investment in the city. Schools without teachers, office space without occupants, and investment without return is what we will get if we do not change.

I am passionate about Alexandria and not afraid to ask (and answer) the big questions. I am a passionate learner–never too proud to miss a good objection to my views, or correct a slip in my analysis. This has been my way in businesses and stewarding the growth of local non-profits. With me, you get a pragmatic fighter for your interests, money, and safety.

I don’t stint on the “how” part of my plan. See what I propose, on my platform page.