Alexandria is failing you – tax-paying residents and businesses, users of city services. No one asks on your behalf the tough questions. No one works in reference to a grand strategy and vision for the city. If someone tries, city leadership sidelines them.

Our city’s leadership is disorganized, unfocused, and shortsighted. As your representative on city council, I will hold processes accountable for cost and long-term consequences, and assess risks before saying “Yes” – I mean with every major decision. We residents are owed this by right, not by courtesy or misplaced magnanimity.

We’ve just been through an election dominated by extremes of development versus anti-development. Neither of these extremes is right. We need a city that is healthy and growing, with well considered policies that pull the best qualities from either side.

I am that voice and vision to counterbalance two intractable extremes. I will stand against well-funded voices when in the city’s best interests. But I will also work with anyone who can help bring our best vision of Alexandria into reality. Listening means I take seriously what people say, not deciding beforehand and suffering through nominal public comments. Changing one’s mind on the basis of what constituents say is not wishy-washy– it means that I’m really listening to them.

I want a growing, transparent, and responsible city. I will force extreme positions and opposing interests into compromise. I am your voice for strategy and success. No other candidate is articulating so methodical a platform or so broad a vision. Invest your vote strategically. I ask for your vote November 6th!